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I have served as a marketing advisor across disciplines. My work in fundraising is accomplished, as I have created millions of dollars in new funding and partnerships in my roles at the National School Climate Center and Project MOST Out of School programs. My strategy is reliant on community participation and brand awareness.

A native of the east end of Long Island, I have conceptualized numerous businesses; independently owned and corporate. Most notably, my own restaurant concept, THE FARMHOUSE RESTAURANT, a 226 seat French/American Bistro located in East Hampton, N.Y. The Farmhouse Restaurant opened in 1997 and won numerous culinary awards of distinction and was reviewed many times over in the New York Times, Zagat and Newsday. The restaurant had a successful 7 year run. 

Receiving Masters of Fine Arts, allowed me a birds-eye perspective on marketing and history. Attending Maine College of Art, I received an MFA in two disciplines, Fine Art and Critical Theory. My Master’s thesis, “What Be Love Is” explores the cultural analysis and visual culture of love, metaphysically. 

Teaching at the Community College level also allows me to understand the currents in our society. 18 year-olds are the current culture. I am an adjunct professor and have taught  Marketing, Illustration and the ‘Principles of the Fashion Business’. My three boys also teach me a thing or two about staying relevant. 


My career began in the New York fashion world, where I was a part of the branding teams for Tommy Hilfiger, Gloria Vanderbilt and Coca-Cola Clothes. In the classroom, I create marketing lesson plans that use theories on revitalization, market analysis and the use of media to build community.

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